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What is Willamette Community Management?

Willamette Community Management (formely DLS Associates), whose principals are Dave Stubbs, Kurt Powell, and Beth Powell, manages the homeowners' associations for The Meadows at Timberhill and The Park at Timberhill as well as 10 other Associations in Corvallis and Albany. Dave lives in Timberhill and has a long-standing dedication to the welfare of the area.

What does Willamette Community Management do?

Willamette Community Management sends your semiannual assessment statements; collects your assessments; deals with delinquent accounts; ensures that PATOA's bank account is balanced; files PATOA's taxes; assists with ARC requests; keeps a general eye on the neighborhood; advises the Board on procedural matters, pays the bills for landscaping, irrigation water, and sprinkler timer electricity, and lots more.

For full details on Willamette Community Management's responsibilities and compensation, read the Contract.

When should I contact Willamette Community Management?

Willamette Community Management should be your first point of contact when you have questions or concerns about:

  • Your assessment ("homeowners' association dues") account.
  • Whether an Architectural Review Committeee form is needed for your project.
  • The Park at Timberhill Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).
  • Common Area landscaping, sprinklers, trees, etc.
  • Other day-to-day business associated with running Park at Timberhill Owners Association (PATOA).
  • If in doubt, ask Willamette Community Management. Dave will pass the message on to the Board when appropriate.

You also can contact the Board directly with questions about strategy, long-term plans, agendas for upcoming meetings, committee membership, social activities, and the like.

How do I contact Willamette Community Management?

You can reach WCM in any of the following ways:

  1. By telephone at 541.602.1775.
  2. By e-mail at
  3. By mail at PATOA's own post office box: PO Box 771, Corvallis OR 97339-0771.
Please always mail your semi-annual assessment check to the address on the statement/envelope, to ensure it is credited on time.